case studies


developer: Yottaram

eMoods is a free Mood Tracker app that lets you easily chart your daily highs and lows, sleep, medications, and other symptoms related to common mood disorders. I partnered with Yottaram to lead the design and front-end development of a new web app that would expand upon an existing (and well-loved) mobile app. My contributions to this project included:

  • Designing the UI / UX design and visual look and feel for the client-facing web-app including a dashboard, log screen, automatically generated charts, and accompanying marketing pages

  • Front-end web development for static marketing pages

  • Illustrations and other assets used across the app and marketing materials


path for life

studio: we are how

creative director: tamara connolly

This case study included working with a well respected licensed nutritionist to bring the unique program that she designed for her clients to a broader audience on the web. We developed from the ground up a subscription-based web app with an integrated payment system and accompanying lifestyle blog. My work on this project included:

  • Designing and illustrating infographics and supplemental program materials

  • Expanding upon existing branding to accommodate print materials, web assets, an email campaign, and social media assets

  • Designing and developing the front-end for self nourishment web-app

  • Designing and developing a completely custom Wordpress theme for the lifestyle blog


jeffrey frank wacks memorial fund

studio: we are how

creative director: tamara connolly

This unique project combined a complete rebranding of an existing organization with an overhaul of their website and online donation system. A hand-lettered logo and custom textures were inspired by the artwork of the nonprofit’s namesake. The website and donation portal were built from the ground up, requiring an easy to use, friendly UX design that would be simple for existing donors to transition to. My work on this project included:

  • Creating the hand-lettered logo and accompanying brand assets as well as developing the brand guidelines

  • Designing marketing materials, email campaigns, program brochures, and event materials and signage

  • Design and front end web development for the fund’s new website and donations portal



studio: we are how

creative director: Tamara connolly

This comprehensive branding project included a hand-lettered logo, complete stationery suite, custom illustrations, infographics, a website, and a full brand guidelines document.'

  • Logo development and design including final execution of hand lettered logo

  • Design and development of a custom Wordpress theme for the Irrelationship website and blog

  • Illustrations and hand drawn infographics for use across web, social media, and print applications


bitter & esters

studio: we are how

creative director: tamara connolly

This comprehensive branding project started with deep market research, and culminated in an illustrated logo, a fully branded custom Wordpress theme, beautiful custom bottle labels and other print collateral, including several unique patterns inspired by the logos imagery.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 3.08.35 PM.png

the center for mindful awareness

studio: we are how

creative director: tamara connolly

This brand update expansion included research into the center’s roots and who they serve, and develop a series of illustrations and graphic elements that could be used across various materials for students and teachers. My contributions to this project included:

  • Design and development of the center’s new website

  • Logo updates and design of supporting branding elements and illustrations including mindfulness keytags and student achievement certificates.

logos + branding

rolling oasis

This branding project for a new local business centered around illustrating a fresh and energetic logo that would help guide their brand. Bicycle-driven refreshment carts travel along Seattle-area hiking and cycling trails, offering on-the-go snacks, drinks, and water stations.


a wild life tarot

A logo design project that called for a lush hand drawn illustration and custom typography for a tarot business with big plans for growth.

garden and gather

A small independent florist from Frederick, MD wanted a lush custom illustrated logo featuring her favorite local flowers.


story machine

A brand development and logo design project that included a hand illustrated logo with custom typography and a comprehensive brand guidelines document (excerpt below) for future development.



motion graphics

global mom relay

studio: we are how

creative director: tamara connolly

This motion graphics piece debuted live during a kickoff event on the Toshiba screen in Time’s Square to introduce a unique initiative combining four campaigns working together to help women and children across the globe lead healthy lives. Global Mom Relay leveraged social media and a global network of mothers to build awareness of health and wellness issues worldwide, inspire action, and generate donations for public health campaigns. We Are How created an identity for the Global Mom Relay that honored the separate initiatives receiving donations while building a unique and memorable identity for the Relay itself. My contributions to this project included development of the branding for the Relay’s web presence, a “popup” site to promote the campaign, and the motion graphics feature to kick it off.


studio: we are how

creative director: tamara connolly

This motion graphics project for shot@life required a brand development for what would become an annual tradition called blogust: blog relay for good, an initiative that would unite mothers across the world to increase awareness and accessibility to vaccines. My work on this piece included development of the initiatives branding and execution of the animations and motion graphics.

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 3.59.03 PM.png


print collateral

merrimack college

studio: we are how

creative director: tamara connolly

UN Foundation

studio: we are how

creative director: Tamara connolly

Selections of work done for UN Foundation campaigns, including Nothing But Nets, GirlUp, Shot@Life, Clean Cookstoves Initiative, and MAMA that spanned illustrations, publication design, poster designs, infographics, and other promotional materials.


applied illustration


mini-game graphics and concept art

game: dragon dad

developer: tiltfactor

“Your strict dragon father has chores for you.  Spoiler alert: no matter how well you do, he’ll never be satisfied.  Complete each minigame as fast as you can, but they’re going to get harder and harder until you leave your father disappointed.”


“happily hydrated” hair

client: Porter Novelli for Panasonic

This project for Panasonic included 6 spot illustrations used on a custom box design and lookbook to highlight and promote their new nano hair straightener.

“we are how” team portraits and spot illustrations

client: We Are How

creative director: Tamara Connolly

This project for We Are How, a design studio based in Jersey City, NJ, included 6 detailed portraits and 3 spot illustrations for use on the studio's website.

levelguide illustrations

client: levelware

These illustrations were commissioned to help introduce Levelware, a website that simplifies the process of negotiating contracts between entrepreneurs and their clients.